1. Do you offer different styles of products? We offer decorative and contemporary luminaires: post tops, pendant mounts, wall mounts, floods, street & area lights, garage lights, landscape lights, industrial lights, C1D2 lights (Class1, Div2), Hazardous, High Bay and Low Bay, Light Columns, bollards (decorative, architectural, and commodity), Gas Station Canopy.
  2. I don’t know how to lay out my design. Can you help? Yes, please contact our factory to discuss a free lighting layout.
  3. I need something slightly different than what you offer. Can you customize your products to fit my needs? Yes, 1882 Lighting specializes in USA based custom and modification manufacturing from design concept through delivery to match existing or providing product unique to any project.
  4. What types of poles do you have in stock? We offer several styles of decorative aluminum poles as well as standard aluminum poles. We also offer a range of steel poles. Several quick ship options are in stock and ready to ship.
  5. Do you have any full cutoff fixtures? We have many dark sky compliant fixtures in our line; several that are in stock & ready to ship in 3 days.
  6. Do you offer turtle-friendly or FWC compliant fixtures? We have a full line of FWC compliant fixtures that use Amber LEDs. These fixtures are fully shielded, use low wattages & meet Florida Wildlife Commission requirements for turtle-safe products. All are part of our quick ship program.
  7. Do your LED fixtures have an internal emergency battery backup option? Many of our fixtures offer a 90 minute battery backup; many with a cold-start battery backup option.
  8. Do your products have a photo control option? We offer many fixtures with factory-installed photocell or motion sensor controls which are internally wired for switching and/or 1-10V dimming within the housing.
  9. Do you offer LED products that accept surface conduit? Yes, many of our wall mounted products such as wall packs and some decorative products can accept surface conduit for electrical supply.
  10. Do you offer LED products that have a soft lens so I don’t see the LED diodes? Most of our products have a SoftLED lens option available. Many of these fixtures are in stock & ready to ship.
  11. Do you offer products that are suitable for coastal environment? Our products are available with a Marine Grade finish which makes them perfect for conditions like salt water, increased moisture in the air, and prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  12. Are your LED fixtures dimmable? All of our fixtures come with a 0-10V dimmable driver installed.
  13. Are your products compatible with solar setups? Yes, depending on wattage and lumen requirements, we can adapt many of our products to work with solar systems.
  14. Do your LED products have tamper-proof hardware? Most of our fixtures offer tamper-proof hardware for high-occupancy public areas.
  15. I need fixtures & poles in a hurry. What is your lead time? We have well over 100 products that are always in stock and ready to ship.
  16. Do you offer a 5-year warranty? All of our products come standard with a 5 year warranty.
  17. Do you offer CCTs under 5000K? Most of our fixtures come standard with CCT options from 1800K to 5000K, including AmberLED and static color LEDs.