Admiral S40 – LED Garage Square

The Admiral S40 garage square luminaire with optional integral
sensor is available in three wattages with an optical distribution designed to replace HID lighting systems up to 175w MH or HPS.

Do More And Get More With These Fixtures

Aisle Lighter Highbays

With improved optical performance, these Aisle Lighter Highbays offer 33% reductions in fixtures against competitors LED aisle lighters. 2-to-1 spacing to mounting height ratio allows for the installation of one Norfolk 45 for every two existing 250-400w HID fixtures!

Full Cutoff Wall Mounts

This Full Cutoff wall mount delivers exceptional performance and functionality with hybrid optics that use Type 3 combined with Type 4 lenses. This combination creates a wide uniform light spread for maximum spacing of up to two times greater than conventional wall packs.