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1882 Lighting – Turtle Friendly Lighting Products

As a subsidiary of QSSI company, 1882 Lighting Products offers a wide array of turtle-friendly LED light fixtures for a variety of applications. Created in 2020 to complement QSSI’s already established expertise, 1882 Lighting has a passion to ensure quality solutions to meet all your project needs using only the most premium manufacturing made in the USA. Our in-house team provides unsurpassed customer service to ensure that your custom lighting solution satisfies all your turtle-safe lighting needs. 

1882 Lighting Lighting Products manufactures a wide variety of LED turtle safe fixtures to meet all your needs to ensure a safe environment for wildlife. Our LED turtle-safe stock includes:

  • Bollards
  • Wall Packs
  • Wall Cylinders
  • Street and Area fixtures
  • Ceiling Mounts 

What is Turtle-Friendly Lighting?

Lighting pollution is a serious threat to sea turtles and other marine wildlife. Turtle-friendly lighting is lighting designed to minimize the impact that traditional lighting can have on turtles and wildlife near oceans and beaches. In order to protect turtles and wildlife, the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) mandates that lights must be “low, long, and shielded.” To this end, a number of standards for lighting fixtures approved for turtle areas have been created:

  • Fixtures must be fully shielded and downward directed
  • The light source must be long wave-length, 560 nanometer light or higher to ensure that the light is not visible to turtles and other wildlife
  • Fixtures must have low wattages which equal low brightness

The FWC only certifies fixtures that are visible by the shoreline.

Why Choose 1882 Lighting’s Turtle-Friendly LED Lighting Fixtures? 

We construct our fixtures using only the best materials, such as aluminum or die-cast housing,

nickel-plated stainless steel or vandal resistant hardware, and glare shields. In addition, our light fixtures use 1882 Lighting’s radiant LED light engine. There are many benefits to our radiant LED light engine, which is IP66 rated and conformal coated with several distribution options available.

1882 Lighting’s turtle-friendly LED light fixtures are available in several custom finishes, including marine-grade for coastal applications. Our light fixtures are customizable with several options and accessories available such as photocells, battery backups, and motion sensors.

All of 1882 Lighting’s turtle-friendly light fixtures are equipped with a 5-year warranty. Need it fast? We have six locations with maximum inventory for speedy and efficient shipping. 3-day quick ship options are available for certain models for even speedier delivery.